Hey Lumi's,

Today I wanted to share some info about the Ring Of Fire New Moon Eclipse in Gemini that we have today, on the 10th June. If you've been feeling restless, full of pent-up anger or frustration, blame the Moon! Eclipses are reknowned for pushing us towards change, & this one is especially powerful. Tonight, because of the Moon's position from the Sun, we will see a fiery halo in the sky, instead of it being fully blocked out.ย 

Yana Yanovich, astrologer at Nebula. "In astrology, the sun is describing our will and our rational self, while the moon is our emotions and our subconscious mind," she explains. The moon blocking the sun can be interpreted as a blockage in our own ability to think rationally or exert our willpower.

New Moon eclipses are a good opportunity for us to break the cycle, make positive changes & get ourselves out of the rut we may find oursevles in. You may suddenyl realise where you need to make changes, almost like a light bulb moment ... blame the Moon!ย 

Madi Murphy, astrologer, says "these lightbulb moments may be illuminating the ideas that will connect you to your highest truth and path," she says. "Itโ€™s like the eclipse blows in a missing puzzle piece that can connect some dots you have been looking at for months โ€” maybe itโ€™s a chance meeting, an unexpected opportunity or new piece of information." The realisations can keep happening for days or weeks after the eclipse.

Let's not forget that Mercury is also in retrograde, so we will be experiencing some extremely powerful & emotional energy. ย "This triple conjunction could very well be interpreted as a need to revisit the ways in which we communicate with ourselves, and highlighting how important our inner dialogue really is," Montรบfar explains.ย 

Our top tips for this super rare New Moon eclipse:

๐Ÿ’• self - care allllllll day ๐Ÿ’• we're talking pampering, tea, books, meditation, crystals, baths, journalling, positive affirmations & being kind to yourself!

One last thing to look out for during the New Moon eclipse; your relationship! Juno is the asteroid of commitment, which is currently retrograde in Sagittarius, will be sitting across from this lunation. This opposition could bring tension, as well as a deep need & desire for freedom. Don't worry too much, it doesn't mean that you or your partner will feel the want to end your relationship, but it could mean that you might need a bit of 'you' time, a bit of space. Try to be understanding at this time & communicate your emotions openly & truthfully.ย 

I hope this New Moon eclipse brings you all that you desire, & allows you to fully reap the benefits of this truly magical moment ๐ŸŒšโœจ