June's Full Strawberry Moon is upon us ... 🍓

June’s Full Moon, typically the last Full Moon of spring or the first Full Moon of Summer, is traditionally called the Strawberry Moon. The name was chosen by early Native American tribes because it signalled the time of year to gather strawberries & other ripening fruit. The Old Farmer's Almanac first published Indian names for the Full Moons in the 1930s, which came from a number of places, including Native American, Colonial American & European sources. 

Traditionally, each name was applied to the entire lunar month in which it occurred, not solely to the Full Moon. You may also hear this Moon being referred to as the Mead Moon or Honey Moon - Mead is a drink created by fermenting honey mixed with water, & sometimes with fruits, spices, grains, or hops. Regardless of what you want to call it, the June Full Moon is about enjoying the fruits of your labour. You worked hard to plant the seeds of success during the spring & now summer is here you get to indulge!

The Strawberry Moon is set to appear on 24th June 2021 & peak at 7:39pm in the UK. It won’t be a pink moon that looks like a strawberry (sorry!), but a large & golden-hued moon that is spectacularly clear & you won’t want to miss it! There will be some BME (Big Moon Energy) in the air so you can use this time to perform some moon rituals & take a deeper look inward. Find a quiet place (ideally within nature) to celebrate & appreciate the Strawberry Full Moon. Equip yourself with crystals to help channel clarity into your meditation. Sit with yourself, your thoughts & your crystals & ruminate on the potential path ahead. 

The crystals I recommend are:


Pink & Red Rubellite Tourmaline scream of strawberry essence! When you take hold of your Tourmaline gemstone, it reminds you to let go & indulge in the sweet fruits of life. You work so hard to achieve your goals, you deserve to have some Summer fun! Pink Tourmaline allows you to produce results without getting caught up in the stress. It is also one of the most protective gemstones so this month, as restrictions are lifted & your fears may be at an all-time high, Tourmaline keeps you mentally safe & sound.


While the Strawberry Full Moon is about indulging in your fruits, you might have the personality that tends to go a little overboard. Malachite is the stone of responsibility that will infuse you with the proper sense of balance & keep you safe this Summer by allowing you to make wise choices. It gives you the energy of the flourishing Earth to help keep you grounded & nourish your dreamy personality. A crystal sphere reminds you that you are a part of the greater whole, connected to all the energies in your surroundings. You can imagine that you are holding the world in the palm of your hand.  


This juicy & precious crystal shines especially bright in the Strawberry Eclipse. It brings out the passion & fire within you. If you’ve become complacent & lost your zest for life, the incredible power of Ruby will help you come alive again & seize the Summer days. Life has its ups & downs, but Ruby allows you to capture happy moments & joyous feelings during the high tide. When you pick Ruby studded in Fuchsite or Zoisite, you feel as though you are running carefree through a field of strawberries & roses. When you pick Ruby included in heavenly blue Kyanite, your soul feels as though it's floating up in the clouds. 

These crystals give you the mental break that you deserve this Summer.

Learn to meditate & unwind ...

Meditation is a great way to boost your health, improve your mood & feel more connected to those around you. But if you haven’t meditated before it can be difficult to figure out how to get started & overcome those barriers which may be preventing you. Some common excuses include:

“Meditation is not something people like me do!” Anyone can meditate. In fact, many business leaders meditate to keep their minds clear, improve their leadership skills & increase their productivity. “I don't have the time to meditate!” Meditating for just 5 to 10 minutes each day can help reduce stress. It is important to meditate regularly & get into the habit of coming back every day so your brain can reap the benefits of meditation. “I just can't stop thinking!” Meditation isn't about not thinking. Your mind won't automatically shut off & become thought-free. Instead, meditation can help you become more aware of your thoughts & better regulate them over time.

Once you can move past these hurdles, you’ll understand that anyone — including yourself — has the time & ability to benefit from meditation. Here are 12 tips to help you get started & guide you through the meditation process:  

  1. Go into your meditation practice without expectations
  2. Choose a time to meditate & stick to it
  3. Create a designated space to meditate
  4. Place your crystals in your meditation space & select the ones that you’re drawn to place in your hands
  5. Light a gently fragranced candle or some incense to help purify your space
  6. Take a couple of moments to wind down & clear your mind
  7. Start with a few deep breaths to calm the body
  8. Try not to fidget or move too much during meditation
  9. Just breathe!
  10. Be kind to yourself — some days will be easier than others
  11. Slowly reintroduce movement after meditating
  12. Acknowledge your emotions
  13. Come back the next day, even if you don't feel like it
  14. Try guided meditation apps or take a class

If you have a workaholic or high achieving personality, it is especially important that you change your mindset with the Strawberry Moon. You cannot always be on alert & in full work mode, you must find the balance with work & fun. If you already have a relaxed personality, this Full Moon cycle comes easier for you. Embrace your spontaneous, fun-loving personality & go on a fun trip or vacation. Even if you can't travel far, you know exactly what to do to get yourself in a good mood.

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Our Lumi Gemstones Full Moon Journals are a great resource, particularly if you are a beginner to Full Moon meditation & crystal healing. They include three A4 sheets, with questions for you to answer. Think of them as worksheets that you can keep & look back on in the months to come. Each month, you will receive a different themed Lumi Gemstones Full Moon sticker.

Journaling is a great way to help regain focus, reflect & welcome the Full Moon energies into your life. Settle down into a cosy nook or a natural landscape to complete your journaling cards at your own pace. This is your time to let go, re-energise your intentions & accept the positive energy that is around you.  

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Love & light, Emily 🌝💕