Let's dive in & learn about your Solar Plexus chakra!

🟡 What does an underactive Solar Plexus Chakra mean? 🟡

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located in the upper abdomen, in the stomach area. It is associated with our personal power, relating to our confidence & self-esteem. 

An underactive Solar Plexus Chakra can manifest physically in many ways; eating or digestive disorders, food allergies, diabetes or chronic fatigue. Mentally, stress has the upper hand & we lack energy, unable to think clearly & we can feel powerless.

When the Solar Plexus Chakra is balanced the person will exude confidence without being arrogant, feeling playful, spontaneous & a warmth in their personality. A balanced Solar Plexus allows us to make decisions more easily & meet challenges head on.

There are many ways to balance the Solar Plexus:

  • As this chakra is heavily influenced by the element of fire, getting outside in the sun can help restore balance 
  • Doing a Solar Plexus guided meditation
  • Sunbathing (with SPF of course) 
  • Taking a warm bath with essential oils

If you are going to chill out in a warm bath, use essential oils such as clary sage, juniper or geranium.

Our favourite crystals to work with for a balanced Solar Plexus Chakra are Golden Healer, Tigers Eye, Citrine & Honey Calcite.

🟡 What is an overactive Sacral Chakra? 🟡

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the center of our self-confidence & personal power so an overactive Solar Plexus can manifest as being arrogant, overly aggressive, self-centered, competitive & the need to be right.

Those with an overactive Solar Plexus tend to dominate & suppress others in order to be in control of every situation. In order to heal & balance the Solar Plexus we must find the balance between too much energy & not enough energy.

  • We recommend trying a new activity - step outside of your comfort zone & find something that makes you feel good on a consistent basis
  • Meditation never fails as a method to restoring balance to your life - practice a Solar Plexus guided meditation
  • Repeating positive affirmations throughout the day 
  • Connecting with the colour yellow, wearing something yellow or eating yellow foods 
  • Yoga poses that strengthen the abdomen & directly target the Solar Plexus 

We recommend using any or all of the following - Golden Healer, Tigers Eye, Citrine & Honey Calcite.

 🟡  Meditation Guidance & Affirmations to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra 🟡

Solar Plexus meditation is a powerful practice also known as fire meditation. In the same way that fire turns matter into heat & light, this is where you take what you’ve been given & make the best of it.

🔥 Begin your Solar Plexus meditation by lighting a candle nearby or better yet, meditate in the middle of a circle of lit candles

🧘 Sit on the edge of a cushion or blanket

🔮 Place Golden Healer, Citrine or Honey Calcite nearby

🎼 Play Solar Plexus chakra healing music

✋ Cup your left hand & make a fist with your right hand, extending your thumb up. Place your fist in your left open hand & draw your hands in front of your Solar Plexus

😌 Close your eyes, focus your attention on the practice & begin inhaling & exhaling

👀 As you breathe in & out, imagine your right thumb is a flame. With each inhale you take imagine the flame growing brighter & the warmth spreading around your body

Affirmations to repeat:

  • I am confident being my true self 
  • I release the need to control 
  • My purpose becomes clear with action
  • I am strong & can carry myself through anything 

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